Friday, May 29, 2009

plan B

So tomorrow I was going to hop on a van and travel to NYC for four days with 3 other crazy adults and twenty of my favorite teens.

I was going to drink Starbucks and sleep at a boy scout camp in NJ and laugh uproariously and probably stay up too late and then rise earlier than everybody else in order to put the coffee on and get the cereal and toast out -because we eat cheaply so we can do more things like see Phantom and eat at a live jazz club and take the water taxi around the Statue of Liberty and go to the Met for one whole glorious afternoon -which, by the way is my favorite place to visit on this side of this dear earth. Even walking up those marble steps make my insides go all melty and happy and anticipitory with thoughts of what waits for me just inside those famed doors.

So tomorrow I was going to go. I was going to shop at WalMart tonight for the travel-food and then go to the church kitchen and find the coolers and all the supplies that we would need. I was going to hang with my two kiddies for four days straight and then on the way home play mini-golf at the ridiculously tacky place in Lake George that we always drive by and say, "what silliness!".

I was going to go, I really was.

But instead I will stay at home and eat amoxycillin twice a day and sip chicken soup and tea with honey & lemon and stay away from everybody because #1 Son shared his obnoxious strep germs with me.


Blogger eyestotheeast said...

sorry about the strep. you tested positive then?

7:33 PM  
Blogger Darlene Sinclair said...

The test was positive, I assume. Yuck. Sorry, and get well soon. I will visit when you tell me it is all all all gone!

11:13 PM  
Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

my throat was yucky enough that the nice doc gave me drugs. The test won't come back until Monday. What good would THAT do???

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Carina said...

so, I hear Mr. D helped my Dad out by replacing him... who filled in your place?

11:29 PM  

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