Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Now that we are moved into our new home, each day brings a staggering to-do list. In no particular order, some of the things I could choose to busy myself with are as follows:

-unpack more boxes.
-re-pack boxes for storage or upcoming yard sale.
-organize/sort bedrooms or bathrooms.
-organize the kitchen, which continues to smell like a hampster cage.
-think about dinner and how to circumnavigate a broken oven.
-attack the clutter in the un-renovated family room.
-attack the thing called a "yard." (With the bridge construction mess out front and the lack of regular traffic, I have very little motivation for this one!)
-trim and roll a coat of primer at the apartments two doors up the hill.
-learn about 100 pages of a complicated (yet rewarding!) opera score.
-read through recital music for this weekend's concert.

-and a few dozen other things.

What I chose to do:

-Weed the ascending walkway from the driveway to the back door. If it didn't get tended soon, I was afraid we would lose our way to the house.

-Paint at the property up the hill. Two young friends were there working, too. The music was great: classic jazz all afternoon.

-Play through the recital music (piece of cake) and leave the opera score for another day.

-Skip thinking about dinner, as it was delivered by a very thoughtful friend. Grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, spinach salad, and home-made cookies.

I dined solo on the front porch tonight, as #1 Daughter wasn't hungry yet (at 6:30 pm!) and the guys were still working in Potsdam. I set up a little table and chair, pulled out an over-sized cloth napkin as a tablecloth, and tucked in to a great meal with a perfect view of the river, the falls, and a family swimming at the town dock. Two men were fishing at the dam, and the late afternoon summer sun twinkled over the whole happy scene.

I really love living in our new home!


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