Saturday, July 04, 2009

trip to Adams

As a Father's Day gift to my dad, I traveled to Adams (2 hours, not too long!) along with #1 Son, and weeded his garden. This gesture was particularly useful because he recently had knee replacement surgery.

I was happy to do this outside chore for him as the weather was cool and breezy (keeping the bugs away) and also because it's a really wonderful garden! #1 Son weed whacked for a few hours -because that is also a chore that can't be done with a bum knee.

One of the perks was snagging a large bag of fresh spinach to bring home.

One of the other perks was finding this shoe in the barn:

#1 Son and I stood in puzzlement over it for a long while. What was it for? Why was there only one of them?

Upon inquiring in the house, the answer became so vividly clear. This shoe, tied to a crushed milk carton filled with sand, is the perfect way to exercise your good knee before surgery.

Well, YEAH.

#1 Son and I took off after dinner and went to Sackett's Harbor, where elegant houses and elegant people are everywhere.

Roadside, we found the latest in modern technology up for sale. #1 Son was taken by the sleek, retro design.
The price wasn't bad, either.

I know this is random post, but I am working on getting some of the quirky pics out of my camera. They say one can just delete 'em. But that's no fun now, is it?


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