Thursday, July 23, 2009


Because I needed a change of scenery.
Because Hubby acquired a red convertible.
Because it is only a 90 minute drive.
Because we both needed a day away from the noise & dust of construction in our front yard- not to mention the pressure of the impending deadlines of our latest remodeling project....

-For all these reasons and oh so many more, we took off for a day last week and went to Ottawa.

If you are interested in the historic gristmills we visited along the way, see here. If you would rather pick up where we entered the secret gardens, stay right with me.

By the way, these gardens aren't really any secret. And entrance is free. With us, free works really well.
As a matter of fact, free is truly up our alley. It leaves us more pocket money for coffee & donuts at Tim Horton's.

"Honey, you you build me one of these?"

These pictures don't do justice to the things one can see there. I suggest you go there yourself!

Finally, after an afternoon of happily wandering off the trail, we arrived in downtown Ottawa. I like this shot of Hubby. He really enjoyed viewing tall buildings without the hindrance of a car roof.

Are "Oh Canada" cookies the new food-thing here? Well, okay- but they will never take the place of a Beaver Tail in my heart.

I would have eaten a Beaver Tail, but I didn't want to spoil my dinner. (Also, I already had consumed a doughnut from Tim Horton's.)

Most tourists would take a picture of the Parliament buildings, but not me. No, I take a picture of the reflection of the Parliament buildings and call it "art".

We visited a gallery and were inspired by some real art. We met the artist; an energetic and friendly lady who talked to us about her work. We really connected in the area of art and music. When my husband told her I was a classical pianist, her eyes lit up. All she wanted to know was this: "The Goldberg Variations. Angela Hewitt or Glen Gould?"

"Glen Gould, OF COURSE!"

We were fast friends from that moment onward until the time when we left her gallery without buying anything.

Any day I meet an artist is a good day.

Our tummies brought us to a Vietnamese restaurant with a "Ottawa Cheap Eats 2009" sign on the window. Well, if you can't eat free, cheap is the next best option.

We had curried beef, lemon grass chicken, two kinds of spring rolls, and a delicious chili-peanut dipping sauce. Green tea accompanied all this yum.

Thank you for vicariously sharing this relaxing day-trip with me. If anyone would like to duplicate this experience by driving to Ottawa themselves, please count me in. A helpful tour guide is of great assistance, and besides, there are a few more doughnut flavors I would like to try.


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