Monday, October 12, 2009

what's going on in our front yard

After promising my husband that I wouldn't toss his camera into the depths of the sea, I ventured out onto the river for a quick loop around the island. It was about forty-six degrees outside, but the sun was shining and that was encouragement enough for me!

Even though it is a holiday, the construction crew were busy at work on the bridge. As I rounded the end of the island, I could take in the whole scope of their project.

You can see our stone home at the left side of the bridge.

Although I feel conspicuous when I take pictures while the guys are working, I know they are really too busy to pay any attention to a little green kayak about to go over the falls.

I like to tempt fate by paddling as close to the falls as I dare. Here you can see the edge of the world dropping off to dangerously frothy and boiling waterfalls.

From this angle, the scaffolding and support work is clearly visible under the stone arches. The masons have been repairing and re-pointing the historic stonework.

The two arches on the right are finished.

I think they look entirely lovely.

After circling the island closest to town, I firmly anchored my kayak in some water-weeds and snapped these shots:

These pics don't do justice to the muddy and rutted mess that surrounds our home! But we take it with a dose of humor, knowing that soon it will look wonderful!


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