Friday, February 12, 2010

bring. me. doughnuts. now.

I am seated at the kitchen table in a bath of sunlight like a cat.

Into my eager mouth go piping-hot doughnuts which are coated generously in powdered sugar. These little discs of dough are so fresh from the frying pan that the sugar has not yet melted. The outsides are crisp, the insides are a combination of flaky and chewy. I bite gingerly as wisps of steam rise from their delectable insides and the powdered sugar tickles my throat.

A swig of fresh coffee chases them down my gullet.

Pardon my abandon, but I was in dire need of some comfort food.

Hubby is en route from NYC to home via Utica and Syracuse and the closer he gets, the more I miss him. Hence, doughnuts.

I knew you would understand.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

those look freakin awesome. Delicious!

Recipe, please?


1:47 PM  
Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

oh. such a naughty me.
I threw stuff into a bowl and made them willy-nilly.

flour, sugar, baking powder, salt... cut in shortening....then throw in egg and milk.
let set for 30 minutes.
then roll out into doughnut shapes and fry.

google it! : )

2:13 PM  

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