Monday, February 08, 2010

what's new with me

-a gym membership

I never, ever, not even for a minute, had one before in my whole life. #1 Daughter and I had the tour of the facilities last week before signing on the dotted line, but we didn't have the time to exercise. On Saturday, #1 Son and I played raquetball. This was funny in many ways, not the least of which being that neither of us had ever played before and didn't have any concept of the rules. So we hit the rubber ball around for an hour, whacking it and sometimes each other while ducking profusely as the ball ricocheted from wall to wall. At one point I threw my arms over my head and screamed in fear. #1 Son got a bit wild in his serve and the little rubber ball went sailing over our heads at roughly 120 mph and dissappeared in the observation deck.

I don't think that is supposed to happen.

I like raquetball, though. My favorite thing about it is the little hobbit-hole you go through to get inside the court.

Anyway. Today I visited the fitness center all by my lonesome self, all back-packed up with ID card, extra sneakers, towels, and nervousness. I slunk around the hallways trying to look casual with a face that bespoke of "I exercise in public places all the time". I cast envious sidelong glances at confident and fit people that knew right where the lockers were, had earbuds in their ears, and pushed the right buttons on all the digital equipment. I pretended I knew exACTly what I was doing. With a little luck and a large dose of secret precaution, I managed to use a stair-steppy kind of thing for thirty minutes without falling off or causing any disruption. Huge relief.

I hear you saying, "you should get someone to show you how everything works." Good idea.
I made an appointment for that.

After her class, #1 Daughter joined me for another game of fake raquetball. After we learn to keep the ball moving without hurting each other, we may even incorporate some rules or general guidelines. Won't that be fun?

-a semester's-worth of music

The little pile on my piano is growing, but so far I have nothing to worry about: Monday night choir, one voice student, and a German Diction class are the only things on my agenda thus far. My favorite treat is the Faure Requiem, a choral piece that I have loved & performed numerous times. It makes me happy inside.

Add to this humble list a Mozart sonata and a short Debussy piece. I have recently taken on a piano student. I refuse to allow her to call me her "piano teacher", opting instead for the very harmless title of "piano advisor". Laugh if you must, but I really do not like teaching music. I don't mind advising about music, so it works for both of us. She is a snap to "advise" too, which makes the process pretty enjoyable. All I need to do is be able to play the aforementioned pieces better than her, and away we go!

-three sweater dresses

I really only wanted one but I purchased three. It might not be really big news to anyone else, but to me it is headline material. I need to visit the gym for a few weeks before I wear the red one, but the other two are loose and snuggly and just the ticket for dressing up a little while keeping warm.

That's about it for news about me. As for news about Hubby, he is in the Dominican Republic for another few days. Their team of three has been offered a chance to travel to Haiti where they will put up tents for a community of 2,000 that have been ravaged by the earthquake.

As you can see, he is having a much more exciting week than little old me. But I am not complaining; rather, I revel in my humble new things.
The phone just rang and it's a call from the D.R.! Signing off for now...


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