Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Grasse River Ranch

I paid a visit to the Grasse River Ranch today.

A beautiful family resides there. See those children on the porch? They want to show me their kittens, hug my legs, and  tell me all about important things, namely: a bee sting, a dream about a horse, the baby spit up, and one particular goat really stinks.

They also wanted to show me their three dogs, the tire swing, and the fried potatoes on the wood stove.

They are wonderful kids. Each of them has farm chores -which they will tell you all about if you ask.

Here on the farm, they raise chickens ( for both meat & eggs) and goats ( for the most delectable cheese imaginable!).

Here is the Mama. She is holding The Miracle Baby in her arms.

Sometime I'll have to write about this little babe, as she is a wonder to behold, especially if one knows her story. I'll tell it soon.

We gathered on the porch for a group photo.
"Mrs. Hull, may I hold my cat in the picture?"

"Yes. Yes, you may."
 "But please let me still see your face."

Everyone loves the baby.

And they love their animals, this is for certain.
The Grasse River Ranch is holding an Open House on Saturday, October 29. Details to come!


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