Friday, September 21, 2007

no more of that

This is a short post with the purpose of catching up.
On Wednesday, I spent the day with #1 Daughter in the doctor's office and then the ER. By 5:30 pm, they were wheeling her into surgery for an appendectomy. Hubby commandeered the waiting room while I hoofed it over to Missions Night for a presentation on Spain. Then I packed an overnight bag and headed back to the hospital. She is home now, recovering slowly but surely on the family room couch.
In other emergency news, Friend #12 needed 7 stitches on Tuesday, after she dropped something sharp on her leg while working at the Madrid properties. I accompanied her to the Madrid clinic. An hour later, #1 Son cut his finger (also while working there) and needed 2 stitches. This kind of news gives gray hair to violin teachers....
While the doctor was threading the needle, David LaFaver fell off the Madrid property roof and landed on his back. He insisted "no damage done". Excepting the moderate heart palpitations the onlookers experienced, he was correct in his assessment.
As for stitches, accidents, and emergency surgery, we're all done now.
Thanks for praying for us!


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