Monday, September 17, 2007

sidebar on the side porch

The side porch is a good spot for hard thinking. I settled on the top step with a tart apple and a smear of natural peanut butter this afternoon, called it "lunch", and took a breather in between chores.
We are welcoming a young man from Spain this evening; Hubby just departed for the Montreal airport to fetch him and another Spanish friend. They will live among us for three weeks, soaking up the autumn air and the busy doings of home-schooling families and general church life. I took time to pray for them today, that their experience here will be simple yet rich.
I thought about Missions Night, two days hence. My family will help with two presentations: the trips to Spain and the Dominican Republic. This involves organizing the sharing, videos, slide shows, and eating slice after slice of Sergi's pizza. This annual event is one of my family's favorites, and I took time to pray that it moves our hearts for the nations.
I thought about today's phone conversation with Friend #112 (a.k.a. "D.P.", a.k.a. "Aubrey's Daddy). Baby Aubrey is doing well and she has been weaned from supplementary oxygen. Her progress inches forward slowly, but her parents are encouraged. Her mommy is able to be with her baby now, and is hoping to ease her into nursing.
"We won't stop praying, Daniel," I assured him.
I think about all these things, and many others.
The side porch is quiet. The scent of freshly cut grass hangs in the air, a chipmunk nibbles on a grape in the garden, a neighborhood dog barks in the distance. I tossed a few apple peels onto the lawn for the thieving chipmunk and wiped my palms on my apron. I told God "thanks" for giving me a few moments to contemplate all the things that make up my life today.


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