Monday, September 24, 2007

pinball thoughts

-this being a perfect day to be outside, I am conniving how to get an hour on the water. Between grocery shopping, teaching school, preparing dinner, a trip to Madrid, a dentist appointment, choir rehearsal, and various phone calls, it's looking doubtful. But you never know!

-Pride & Prejudice is a difficult read. The Victorian language is so stuffy and convoluted, and the subject matter so one-track (getting a husband), that I'm thinking this may be my one attempt to appreciate Jane Austen. Unless I watch the movie, that is.

-as I approached the entrance to Hannaford this morning, I thought to check my appearance. What I found made me laugh out loud: a blue hair band, a black tank top under a peach tank top,
old jeans, a pink zip-up sweatshirt with holes down the front, and borrowed red clogs. My flowered purse completed the ensemble, leaving one hand free to carry my trick-or-treat bucket. For goodness sakes!

-Boys that have stitches on their knuckles cannot practice their violins. And their moms can't do a thing about it, either.

-The exact shade of yellow that will grace the Big White House in Madrid is up for grabs. If anyone wants their opinion to count, see me this week. This coat of paint will tide us over until we do the major remodel.

-The crimsons and burnt oranges are coming out in the treetops, for sure. My one concern is this: the raggedy and mottled state of the leaves themselves. Is this the effect of acid rain, global warming, or the dry weather we have experienced this season?


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