Friday, February 29, 2008

things I did today (so far)

-thanked God for another day. if I walk close to Him, all kinds of wondrous things can happen.
-brewed what we call "good" coffee. (Fair Trade Midnight Sun)
-made two eggs and toast. for myself.
-made sure two students were up-'n-at'em.
-packed for Friday School and headed out into the minus 11 degree air.
-wrote out a trumpet part for band class.
-played piano for the 4th-6th grade chorus.
-got my picture taken by the yearbook staff. (those boys!)
-played piano for the high-school chorus.
-watched the high-schoolers play floor hockey. I yelled GO POODIE and GO BUBS. I joined "the wave" on the sidelines.
-conducted band rehearsal.
-came home by myself. #1 Son went to the Daniels to work on a video. #1 Daughter was hired to clean a friend's house.
-put on a large kettle of navy bean soup for our friends arriving from Syracuse tonight.
-braved the elements. (I made it to the top of the hill before I gave up.)
-sat down to post without any inspiration whatsoever.
-posted anyway.

My favorite family has a dinner engagement tonight. Thai food is on the menu. When we get back home, we will describe it in detail to our Syracuse friends who, unfortunately, only had navy bean soup for dinner.


Blogger TrashTidBits said...

How was the "good" coffee? Would I have liked it? Thai food sounds yummy.

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coming in from the cold after several hours of driving and smelling that soup... and slurping it down... I'd say we had it pretty good! Nothing unfortunate there. Thanks so much for your hospitality!

-- Jeff

6:08 PM  

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