Saturday, October 31, 2009

don't wanna write about it.

I could post about my brother-in-law.

He traveled up from Albany on Tuesday to help with the Big Project and he is now recovering on our leather couch from a serious nap. Don't get the wrong idea; he worked like a dawg all day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, along with a few other extremely lucky guys who are probably as tuckered out as he is. He turned the big Four-Oh this month, so per his request, I will bake a Double-Fudge Coca-Cola Cake tonight. I don't have this cookbook, but we found a recipe online. Oh joy.
His tastes are not what one might called (ahem) *refined*, but if such a cake (smothered with peanut-butter frosting) is what the guy wants for his birthday, well then. Give the guy his cake.

But nah. I don't wanna post about him.

I could post about reading "The Grapes of Wrath".

-which I finished up an hour or so ago. Whew. Scathingly true. Brutally honest. Historically accurate. Brilliantly written. It will take me a week to emotionally recover. But what a book.
I walk away from movies that are not as raw as this book. But how can one who loves great literature (such as my meek little self) walk away from a book which has been awarded a Pulitzer Prize AND the Nobel Prize for Literature? No can do.

But nah. I don't wanna post about it.

I could post about the Big Project.

After all, it's all the talk around these here parts. Breakfast, lunch, dinner; they all involve in-depth conversation about our new addition. Late-night talk centers around the weather report for the next few days. The walls are up (three of them, anyway!) and the trusses are
partially installed. Men in muddy boots tromp through the house and I hardly complain. People ask me regularly: "Aren't you excited?"

But nah. I don't wanna post about it.

I could post about all the international travel that's gonna happen around here this week.

#1 Daughter and Grandma Jean fly to Texas and then travel to Mexico this week. They will be cooking and delivering traditional Thanksgiving dinners to underprivileged villagers. It will be a ton of hard work and a ton of fun, all rolled into one.
Hubby and his best buddy fly to the Dominican Republic this week. They will be visiting a number of friends and new ministries while they are there. They will likely even relax a little, which is nice for two hard-working guys. I pray they come home refreshed, re-energized, and tan.

But nah. I don't wanna post about that, either.

I think I will close now, since I really don't feel like writing much about anything. I get this way sometimes.


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