Wednesday, November 04, 2009

morning ritual

Any mom can relate.

As soon as my mind awakens from slumber, I count my chicks. With sleep still clouding my foggy head, I lazily remind myself where my kids are & what they are doing. If Hubby is not snoring beside me (or more than likely sipping coffee downstairs already!), I count his nose, too.

It's what moms do.

Far away, across many states, over the southern border, through a few red mountains, in a little Mexican village, #1 Daughter tries to get some shut-eye. Yesterday was a very hard day for our humble Mexico team. As they were en route to their destination, they suffered a head-on collision. Their vehicle, trailer in tow, took a spin, rolled, and landed on its side in a ditch. Passers-by were at the scene immediately, breaking the windshield window to extract the driver (missionary Don Wahl) and Grandma Jean from the front seats. Ana had been sitting in the back with three children. Upon impact, her instincts kicked in and she threw her arms over the seat to protect them. She braced her shoulders and back to keep them underneath her. Because of this, she wrenched her shoulder. Her back is quite bruised.

Aside from a few minor cuts and scratches, everyone else is completely okay. Shaken, but okay.

Cell phones are marvelous things. Within an hour of the accident, Ana had spoken to her dad, her brother, Friend #7, our pastor's wife, and me. She was able to text her friends. Our pastor was able to speak with John, the team leader, numerous times. We were able to pray with them over the phone. I was grateful to hear Grandma Jean's voice assuring me, "we are fine, honey."

So back to counting my chicks this morning. I counted their noses gratefully.

-#1 Son had come home just to be with me last evening. We fielded phone calls and texts together. We sat on the couch, checking election results on the computer. We talked about mundane things. He studied late into the night here, well after I had bid him good-night, before packing up and heading back to his dorm room. I knew he was prepping for a big test this morning.

-At 6:55 am, Hubby was boarding his flight to the Dominican Republic. He had spent the night in NYC. Off he goes on another marvelous adventure with one of his best buddies.

-#1 Daughter woke up in another country surrounded by people who love each other. They will rub their aching muscles and assess their situation. I can imagine that as they prepare Thanksgiving dinner for hundreds of villagers, gratitude will take on a deeper meaning. They will accomplish the purpose for which they came and so much more.

Now that I have thoroughly counted my chicks, I will thank God for another day and go brush my teeth.


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