Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BBQ weather

While Hubby is away in the Dominican Republic eating rice & beans and preaching on national TV, we are doing our own little thing in the old stone home.

Last night we hosted a BBQ. Around thirty people showed up, which was totally fine with me, since I was merely the hostess. This spunky young lady , who wore a much-admired frilly apron all evening, was the generator of the whole she-bang -which included a whole table full of delicious food, guys who showed their mad skills at grilling burgers & chicken, and all sorts of fun.

We serenaded the birthday boy as he sat on the grassy hillside overlooking the splashing river.
We took turns kayaking and sitting on the rocks while the water coursed over our ankles and elbows.
We played whiffle-ball.
We taste-tested my first batch of ginger beer.
We ate on the front porch, at the harvest table, in the back yard, and standing up around the kitchen island.
We threw legos into the electric fan to see what would happen. ( well, only one of us- a four year old- did this. What happened was a shredded lego, of course!)
We sat around talking about the hot hot weather.
We proclaimed that summer is officially here while eating home-made cherry pie with whipped cream.

It was a wonderful BBQ, and what a joy to be able to share our humble home fir the occasion. Speaking of our humble home, things are slowly shaping up outside. I really should post some pics of the garden, the new lawns, the flowering shrubs the road crew put in, and the invasive bamboo that is crawling up the hill and popping up all over the yard.



Blogger Darlene Sinclair said...

Sounds loverly. Maybe one day me and my hubby will get urselves invited to one of yur barbycues. D'ya suppose?
And does that frilly aproned miss do parties elsewhere, too? M'be I could hire her for a Memorial Day fest. Hmmm. That thar is a thought worth thinkin' on!

2:17 PM  

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