Saturday, May 08, 2010

a truckload of activity

I give you a smattering of what has filled my life this week:

-I fed many many mouths.
More than I can count.

One evening, it was a special birthday dinner for Hubby. (NY strip steak, baked potatoes & sour cream, grilled veggies, stir-fried broccoli & carrots, and spelt shortbread with fruit & whipped cream for dessert.) Another evening, it was 20 college students who were invited to an end-of-the-year bash. (grilled chicken, potato salad, sourdough bread, fresh fruit, and iced tea.) Oh yes, before all this we had a few random yet beloved friends over for roast chicken. Blueberry pie was on the dessert menu. (Tremendously delish, thanks to #1 Daughter!)

Yesterday I made a chicken pot pie with leftovers. Hubby would be home alone for dinner and the poor guy needed some sustenance.

Today was a birthday party for #1 Daughter. First we made an onion-spinach tart for breakfast. Only three guests joined us for this treat, which was fortunate. It meant seconds all around.

For the party, we had hamburgers & hot dogs, chips & salsa, and a huge vat of fruit salad. We also rescued vanilla-buttermilk cupcakes which had gone hilariously and inexplicably WRONG. We crumbled them up and made a layered trifle with fresh fruit and whipped cream, which was such a hit that we will actually plan to do it another time.

There is a lesson in such mishaps.

It has been a week of culinary excess and because of that, I am DONE with meal-planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and serving food forever & ever.

-I played the piano for many singers.

Firstly, there is a lovely girl at Crane working on a concerto audition. We are learning a set of raucous & ravishing songs by Darius Milhaud. (For the uninitiated, his name is pronounced "Mee-OH". Now you know.) We have a dress rehearsal tomorrow. I only agreed to this rehearsal because I totally forgot about Mother's Day. So. Guess what I'm doing after church on Mother's Day?

Secondly, I volunteered to be the sole pianist for a fund-raising event last night at the college. It involved rehearsing (Thursday night) and performing (last night) a selection of musical theater excerpts with a talented crew. It was hard work and fun and stress and exhaustion and exhilaration all rolled into one. I was thrilled to share the stage with my pastor (who played a mean bass) and one of his mad-talented daughters (who played a smoking guitar). Any musical journey is a richer treat with them by my side!

-I attended a number of prayer gatherings.

All the celebrations, all the rehearsing, all the meals, all the wonder of the vibrancy of the greening & blossoming season, all of this could not erase the pain of a friend who is nearing the end of her life. Without a divine miracle, she will not be with us much longer. The love of the church body has been an overflowing cup; a cup renewed daily by the Giver of Life. I am privileged to be a part of this outpouring.

Pray for my friend Linda.


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