Saturday, April 03, 2010


A zephyr-like breeze wafted through the windows and across my face as I did dishes tonight. Such a sweet dispense of air! and so very unexpected for the third day of April, that each gentle gust took me by surprise. I held my hands under the warm suds and breathed in deeply to the very expanse of my lungs.

My ears were full of the sounds of thundering water. Now that the river is free from the icy grasp of winter, on and on the water comes. It storms the old dam like a woman scorned, grabbing soggy branches, last year's sodden leaves, odd bits of flotsam, and the occasional Mountain Dew bottle, sending them with abandon alley-oop over the falls and burying them all in churning froth.

Meanwhile, I am learning to feel at home in our new kitchen. In the next room, lovely girls sat around the harvest table, enraptured by Friend #7's animated reading. Seven dessert plates were piled nearby, nearly licked clean. (Jack Spratt and his wife must have joined us for dessert.) If I divulge our dinner-menu, you must resist dropping everything you're doing to run over here in your pajamas for leftovers.

Because there simply are none.

It wouldn't be bragging to tell you this menu, either-because I didn't plan it. Two sweet young ladies did the planning and cooking. Well, I helped a little here & there. But really, I was the happy recipient of a delectable meal. As a bonus, this meal was consumed al fresco at the zappy blue table on the front porch overlooking the aforementioned waterfalls.

-grilled chicken ( amazing marinade!) with carmelized onion sauce
-rice with scallions & chicken broth
-roasted asparagus
-strawberry & spinach salad with poppy seed dressing
-iced tea with lemon.

Oh yes, and dessert. Gluten-free shortbread, mixed fresh fruit and real whipped cream.

I am looking forward to a long summer, dining outside, and times spent with dear people.


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