Saturday, March 13, 2010

German Lieder

It cannot be helped.

The painting, cleaning, refinishing, and other general remodeling chores must come to a halt this afternoon. I have one dozen German art songs to learn before tomorrow evening's dress rehearsal.
A swipe of dust cloth over the baby grand, the creak of a lifted lid, and the swish of crisp copies of music from my folder, and away I go.

Nothing like waiting until the eleventh hour. But what a wonderful eleventh hour it will be. I love the literature -and my fingers are tingling with anticipation to do something musical and magical!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love the way you describe practicing. a chore for some people but an opportunity for you to create something beautiful. wish i could sneak over and sit by your fireplace and listen. but today is filled with chores to do in anticipation of the future business.

7:45 AM  

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