Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Not all the projects in this house have been taking place in the back wing, I'll have you know.

Some very serious creativity was going on in the front living room this afternoon, thanks to a visit from a friend up the street and her three darling children.

This boy knows his leggos.

He was intent on having this airplane-contraption documented with my camera.

The girls were thrilled when I offered them a gaggle of plastic eggs and a number of little baskets to play with.

At one point, one of the twins broke away from the toys to perform a spontaneous, can't-keep-in-inside-any-longer dance -which involved spinning deliriously and repeating a phrase over and over with such frenzied glee that I couldn't quite catch the lyrics.

Upon asking her mom, I found out she was saying, "I LOVE PINK I LOVE PINK I LOVE PINK."

This heartfelt display of joy has given me courage to wear my heart on my sleeve more often.
Check in tomorrow. The odds are good that I will be performing a variation of the I LOVE PINK dance in my new kitchen.


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