Sunday, March 21, 2010

#1 Son gets artsy

Can anyone guess what this contraption is?

No, it is not a potato-shooter. Nor even a paint-shooter.

I don't really know its official name. But it rolls and swings, bobs and dives, and holds a video camera while doing so. #1 Son is using it to film a real movie. It is his (ahem) fun little project of choice this semester. For which he gets no college credit. But who is counting credits when real learning is going on?

That's something I learned as a home-schooling mom.

He grabbed a full can of interior paint in order to balance this see-saw and he discovered that, within an ounce, it was the perfect counter-balance.

See how it is perched on PVC pipes? Last year, #1 Son cobbed together those pipes along with cushioned rollers he found on ebay in order to shoot a music video.

His mom did not teach him this stuff.

Since his early teens, he has been fascinated with video, recording, and photographic equipment.
All of which costs moolah. All of which he earns himself.

Never mind that his paychecks come mostly from his dad.

By the way, my refurbished hutch is in the background of these shots. By the end of this week, the doors & windows will be attached and it will be shuffled into its regal place in the kitchen.

-not that this is a post about the kitchen, mind you.

Here, #1 Son gets ready to play the part of Mary Poppins.

No. Really, he is adjusting the lighting with a photographer's umbrella.

What I like about this particular stuff is that some of it is borrowed, some of it was funded by the movie he is filming, and the rest of it is already paid off.

I also like the umbrellas and how they glow.

They look like Chinese lanterns. And I love Chinese lanterns.

#1 Son, a.k.a. Director of Filming, Lighting, and Sound, spent a few hours playing with his begged and borrowed stuff so he could get the feel of how it all worked. Also, now that he has experimented extensively, he has the freedom to be artsy.

Within the budget, of course.

Thanks for letting me ramble on & on about the dizzying array of projects taking place in the new wing of our old stone home.


Blogger Darlene Sinclair said...

Too much fun, in my estimation. Almost makes you want to leave the room unfinished, doesn't it? ;)

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The upper portion is generally called a "jib"; it's used to get sweeping overhead shots, to whack light fixtures, and to give concussions to unwary bystanders. It also appears that he has set the tripod on a PVC track to do truck shots.

Pretty inventive!

-- Jeff H

4:06 PM  
Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

thanks, Jeff!

wish you guys lived closer. I'm sure you would then get roped into movie-land....

6:01 PM  

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