Saturday, April 10, 2010

the amazing chicken

Here are a few fun facts about Poodie:

She comes alive in the kitchen. With her signature apron cinched at the waist, she confidently mixes, whisks, pours, and taste-tests. This morning she baked and decorated a cake for a kids birthday party. Butter cake. Spiderman-themed.

Earlier this week she had her hair colored; this time with ash blond highlights. Her prettiness has morphed into astonishing beauty. She will not like that I said so.

She reads a few books over & over. Little Women. Black Beauty. Ella Enchanted. My Side of the Mountain. She won't eat breakfast or lunch without a book propped up in front of her.

While driving into town last week, we were discussing her upcoming birthday. She insisted on no special gifts. I quote:

"Why would I need any birthday presents when I've just been given an amazing chicken???"

She meant "amazing kitchen."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well... maybe it just tastes like chicken. ;o)

Happy birthday to her!

-- Jeff

8:52 PM  

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