Friday, July 30, 2010


This jewel of a summer day brings me respite.

My creaky voice is raspy & worn out. Too much chitter-chatter, all of which is fun and therefore completely necessary to my well-being. Even a 2.5 paddle down the Grasse River in complete silence yesterday morning (also completely necessary to my well-being) was not enough vocal rest. So today I put my foot down ( and the phone). Mum's the word, people.

Hence the blog post. I can let my fingers do the talking.

I have been happily puttering in the kitchen all morning, organizing the spices, the pantry, and the shelves. I am stirring granola which is browning in the oven while reveling in the homey smell of oats, walnuts, and maple syrup. For once, I am actually planning the dinner menu: steak and veggie kabobs, potato salad, and greens from the garden.

I miss certain people, including Friend #7 who knows who she is. She passes our old stone home twice daily but do I see her frowsy hair & fine face? I ask you. Of course she cannot come today or else I would only be able to stare at her. Remember: no talkie much today.

Our driveway-dwellers have been up & about, fiddling with their vehicles and generally looking busy. How I love them!

Friend #12, who is here for 5 weeks from S. Korea, is berrying today. Blackberries this time, all of which will turn into jam later today.

Out my window, my garden is growing. If you lean from the window after midnight, you can faintly hear things expanding in the moonlight. The tomatoes are plumping. The pumpkin vines are invading everything. Even the cucumbers are beginning to rally.

#1 Daughter is still a-bed, surrounded by her hand-painted furniture and the fan blaring in her sweet face. I may rouse her; I may not. It all depends on how much I am liking the house to myself.

Hubby and #1 Son are working. Their cheerful industriousness floats my boat and pays the bills.
They shall have steak for dinner!


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