Monday, July 19, 2010

a week in pictures

This is the view from one side of the bridge next to my house.

And this? This is the other.
How I love this river!

Hubby built a stone wall to edge the garden and I planted the flowers & vegetables. We work well together.

For a few hours, #1 Daughter ransacked the Adirondack mountains for this blue stash. Then she waded into a perfect lake where there was a sand bar and never picked another berry.

She can get distracted easily.

On the previous day, She & I escaped in the red convertible to Canada. We took off without telling a soul. We ate Greek take-out in a park that overlooked this fantastic historic mill. We also went to IKEA.

Please don't ask us how much we spent there. Thank you for your discretion.

Last week we picked raspberries at a local farm. Now we have 16 ruby-colored pints of summer-in-a jar on the kitchen shelf. If only all of summer was so easy to capture!

Our pea-pickin' fingers have been harvesting these sweet things. Many of them go directly into our mouths (so sweet you feel like crying), but a mess of 'em are in the fridge, awaiting a dish that goes something like this:

whole wheat pasta
cream sauce
steamed baby peas
chopped turkey ham
parmesan cheese

I tell you. Our mouths never had it so good.


Anonymous Mary B said...

Ok, now I miss you more than ever! I already had to make a trip to Albany by myself today. I think I have chosen at least 8 stone houses, all of them abandoned, that need the TLC of the Hull Team. It's a Nehemiah type of ministry you have, you know. Love you and love the raspberry jam Renee brought over!!

10:07 PM  

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