Monday, May 31, 2010

in which I laugh at myself heartily

On a scale of things that need to be given attention, I'm afraid that writing a blog entry has been low on the list. Anyway, I haven't felt poetic in what seems like eons. But a little self-deprecating humor can fill in for deep, introspective thoughts. Here goes.

Quite reluctantly, I spent a few hours on Saturday packing up junk ("junque") in the garage. The boxes are headed to a friend's barn where she is holding a barn sale, proceeds to be donated to our church. Amidst the sorting of crazy clutter, I wondered whether she was accepting clothing. I put in a quick call to inquire, got the phone machine, and this is how my recorded message went:

"Oh hi, Bonnie, it's Nancy to let you know I am packing up a bunch of boxes for your sale. I was checking to see what the requirements were: like, no clothing.
Well, not "no clothing" on you....."no clothing" at the sale.
I mean, for sale at the sale.
(hysterical laughter from me)
Umm. Never mind. I'll talk to you later.


Today I was on the river with #1 Son and a friend of his from college who has been staying with our family for the last few weeks. I was in my kayak; they were in a canoe. Upon my request, we paddled perilously close to the falls in order to see if we could budge a large tree that was blocking the dam. We couldn't. It is very large and very stuck in the silty muck.

I was attempting to climb over it, hoist my kayak to the other side, and paddle the last few yards to the dock, rather than paddle all the way back around the island -when I pulled one of these.
This time, I added a creative twist. My feet stubbornly stayed in the kayak, my arms stubbornly held on to the wet log, and my behinder-parts fell into the river. I was too beside myself in laughter to do anything about bettering my predicament, so I stayed there while the boys shouted frantic helpful advice.

"Stand up. It's only two feet deep!"

"NO. I don't want to stick my feet in the muck."

"Let me pull you up onto the log. (unsuccessful)

"Get into the canoe." (also unsuccessful)

"Swim to shore." (not appealing. Again, muck.)

I finally braced myself, stood up in the muck, got myself back on my little green boat, retrieved my floating shoes, and went home soaking wet.


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