Thursday, June 17, 2010

remembering stolen ice cream

Once, not too far in the distant past, I was offered a taste of coconut ice cream.

Technically, it was not exactly ice cream as it was made with coconut milk and had no dairy in it. Technically, the creamy frozen goodness did not belong to the person who offered it to me. Someone had made it for her roommate and the roommate was not home.

Good time to sneak a spoonful.

"Try it. You won't believe it," she said as she pulled a plastic tub from her freezer with enthusiasm.

Well. I have dreamed of that stolen spoonful many times since. Not to be overly dramactic, but BC could possibly stand for "before coconut ice cream.

I found this recipe online and will report back the results. But if anyone else has had a cocnut ice cream experience, please share.


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