Saturday, July 03, 2010

my new favorite place

I have discovered my new favorite place.

Stepping to the left of the kitchen sink, I open the door previously leading to a five foot drop to the hard ground. Only now? Now there is a porch.

Oh, it is not by any means a finished porch. The screen panels will be crafted eventually. I will paint the bamboo furniture that followed me home from an auction and purchase new cushions for it. A long table will be cobbled together, taking into account how much elbow room 10 people need for eating corn-on-the-cob. A few pieces of flea-market furniture will find a home there in order to store packs of playing cards and a few games.

This crisp, shiny morning found me with my Bible & coffee, seated at a small drop-leaf painted table, overseeing a paddling flock of geese on the river. I dreamed about all the faces that might find respite here on this happy side-porch; who will sigh here, who will rest here, who will laugh here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how wonderful is that-the birds chirping in the early morning hours as you gaze out from your porch to God's beauty around you, His Word surrounding you knowing what was before has added pleasure and even more peaceful surroundings. You are surely blessed. How awesome is that for you and others to enjoy-truly beautiful-serene

12:17 PM  

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