Thursday, August 05, 2010

July images

It only took one whole year, but we finally hung the porch swing. The large maple tree in the front yard really came in handy for that. So did the thirty bucks of heavy-duty rope we finally bought at Lowes.

#1 Daughter gave this old desk a new life. It was Grandma Janet's childhood desk, then mine. Along the way, it was also #1 Son's -and for a short season it resided in Friend #7's bedroom.

Now, in it's most groovy state, it will keep #1 Daughter company for awhile.

In emptying the photo bucket, I came across cake.
We consume quite a bit of cake around here. For goodness sakes.

One of the most memorable evenings of our summer was John's Hawaiian birthday party. Here is a pic of the new side porch an hour before dinner that night.

The iron railings were installed because we knew it might be a wild party. No sense anyone falling off the new porch while wearing a mumu.

We ate hawaiian pizza for dinner. It was a festive crowd, as you can see...

The table was blaring with island colors!

After dessert, we had the traditional game of Hawaiian croquet.

It involved some kung-fu moves. I don't know why.

No one was injured. It was a great party!


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