Saturday, October 22, 2011

wonderful moments

-a free cookie with my coffee at the convenient store this morning. It was a large cookie, and had large chunks of chocolate in it. It wasn't home-made, but made a great mid-morning snack in between rehearsals!

-meeting some fine singers from all over. Today was the NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) Competition at The Crane School. We held "speed rehearsals": 10 minutes to throw together 3 (or 4!) songs -and from there to the concert hall. From the girl who detests lonnnngggggggg was nearly bliss.

-playing the impressionistic cascades of this art song for a young soprano. Of course, the chamber music version is lovely, too! But please let me play those runs. It is ever so much fun.

-receiving a photo on my cell phone of #1 Son playing in an impromptu fiddle jam in Schenectady. When I called him later about it, he told me he was handed a 18th century violin to play. He had been eating soup & minding his own beeswax when he heard the tunes coming from down the hall in Proctor's theater.

-preparing sleeping space for four dear friends who are crashing here overnight, only to breakfast & depart in the early morn. It is so very perfect to have a home that lends itself to such flurried visits! -Altho, long & stretched-out visits are nice, too. Right?

-reminding myself that I am playing keys for worship tomorrow morning. -And practically every Sunday morning I am in town, since the new Potsdam church-plant has  stretched our resources!
It is good to be stretched for Jesus. Our dear pastor encouraged us so richly last evening at our Annual Dinner & Business Meeting. Let's keep reminding ourselves to embrace change! Good things are happening as a result.

Here's hoping tomorrow brings a visit from #1 Daughter!


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