Friday, December 30, 2011

feeding the homeless

It was a quiet mid-winter's day in which nothing much transpired.

There was some cleaning, knitting, baking, laundry, and the cutting out of lacy paper snowflakes.The most excitement occurred when we spotted a pure white goose bobbing in the icy river. Back & forth he paddled, honking plaintively and looking quite flustered.

 Bundled in my winter white mohair coat, I ventured out with a handful of bread. When he spotted me carefully tramping along the edge of the hill, he quickly headed toward me, honking all the way.

When I left him, he was gobbling up the bread like a starving hobo.


Blogger Debbie Flack said...

I wonder if he wandered too far from his farm in Buck's Bridge? I've seen white geese by the bank of the river behind a house there beside the bridge.


11:22 PM  

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