Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a quick check-in

 This photo pretty much sums my house up: the rolling pins represents all the cookies I haven't made.
The laundry basket in the background represents the housework I haven't done.
The paper cut-out snowflakes on the hutch represent that there is no snow on the ground.
And the bowl of fruit represents that I want some fresh fruit salad right this minute.

There is nothing in this photo to represent what a sorry excuse for a blogger I am.
After the rehearsals, finals, recitals, and recording sessions are over, I may mend my ways.
 For my historic birthday last week, Hubby took me to Vermont. We spent a night away, ate a scrumptious steak dinner, and did a little shopping.

I spied a wooden tree JUST LIKE THIS ONE in a shop & fell in love. The price tag was a bit steep to say the least, but my thrifty husband told me how to make my own little sapling. So, with the help of two guys ( #1 Son and Geoffrey the Forger) I did. Actually, I am making my own little forest of them.

I leave you with this: the morning sun gracing a Christmas flower.


Blogger sam said...

I hope that you will show us how you made the little sapling so I can make a forest of my own. Love it.

10:53 AM  

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