Thursday, November 03, 2011

A week in Richmond

 This face. I woke this morning missing this chubby face.

 A toddler-filled week in sunny Richmond, Virginia is now behind me.

 As for who was more blessed this week, we've had a few sparring conversations. I believe the blessings went both ways, deeply.
 Here we are, collecting pretty leaves. I mean, "weaves". We also shared some of these with her "widdle sister". Lord knows I enjoyed these two girls!

 Behold, the Baby: A snuggly inchworm of sweetness. He squeaks like a mousie. He promotes baby-talk from yours truly.

Across the miles & over the glowing screen of my computer, I say," I MISS YOU ALL, LOVELY FAMILY! Keep doing it right. The Kingdom of God is being built within your cozy walls!"


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