Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Life has Loveliness to Sell

Another day is done, and with it, more than my fair share of beautiful moments:

-the morning sun on the kitchen floor. (along with the soap suds I used to wash this floor!)
-a unexpected hug in the hallway of Crane accompanied by, "Will you be my adopted mom?"
-playing Mozart with a flutist. I wasn't sure if we were dancing or playing. I think both.
-facebook messages back & forth with #1 Daughter.
-coming home to the smell of pot-roast simmering in the crockpot.
-viewing wedding photos in the loft. (Gracious me! Now THERE was a day chock-full of beauty!)
-sharing the murmuring of my chilly river with a big fish. Perhaps a late salmon? It splashed all around me & under my little green boat before charging toward the falls.
-a roaring bonfire which I shared first with #1 Son ( & cuppa Earl Grey tea) at dusk, and then with Hubby ( & plates of piping hot pot roast & mashed potatoes) in the near-dark of a temperate evening.

Please take a moment to read this poem; one of my favorites.

I hope you saw the loveliness in your own day. It is always there for the discovering.


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