Sunday, March 26, 2006

The View from Here

Thursday March 23

We are now in the Castilla La Mancha district of Spain, and perched on the crest of the mountain near our hotel are two ancient windmills. Their wooden paddles have stood still for many years, despite the ferocious winds that continually buffet them. No longer in use, these quaint vestiges of Dutch influence now exist only to please the passing tourists that tote cameras. They not only have stood the winds of time, but also the attacks of the valiant Don Quixote 400 years ago, a fact that the local shops attest to with their t-shirts and coffee mugs.

I haven´t fallen into any tourist-traps; neither do I plan to. But I am happy they are still standing, useless and impractical as they may be. Just as three types of fish are required for an authentic paella, certain ingredients authenticate the Spanish countryside for people like me. I´ll relish the scenery and certainly bring the memory home with me in my heart. Windmills, olive groves, blossoming almond trees, tumble-down castles, and the pleasant lilt of the Spanish tongue, mixed with the purposes of God over our travels produce a precious dish; a fragrant first course.

Although grateful for God´s attention to details that touch my imagination, I hereby resolve never to be an obsolete windmill. Fueled by God´s grace, I will pursue a life of usefulness and purpose.

And if God deems to set me on a gentle mountain which overlooks verdant farmland and medieval castles, I´ll serve Him faithfully while enjoying the view.


Blogger eyestotheeast said...

One more week in wonderful Spain...=)

3:27 PM  
Blogger kb said...


And..well..*sniff* heart fluttered when Lore gave me my little clipping from you..thanks for thinking of me:)

10:23 PM  
Blogger eyestotheeast said...

Is there Daylight Savings Time in Spain too?

10:31 PM  
Blogger kathleen said...

Ahhh..your description was soothing to the soul. Sounds so wonderful...

1:15 PM  

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