Saturday, April 15, 2006

One Pillar Down, Three to Go

One of The Four Pillars of Homeschooling, as stated by Friend #8, is Love of Work. So, when I face a day which is chock full of chores and preparation for company, it's time to model my enthusiasm. For me, not a stretch. I dive in, feet first and apron tied efficiently around my middle.

This morning, Daughter #1 and I frosted at least 6 dozen sugar cookies. (sheep, hearts, crosses, butterflies, rabbits, churches, and violins.) While listening to Car Talk, I threw together 3 trays of stuffed shells. Rising in the oven are cranberry-nut dinner rolls. (a new recipe, it "just came to me".) The tea kettle is brewing in preparation for dyeing eggs. Big doings tomorrow, Resurrection Sunday. Our family is hosting at least 6 college students for dinner, and a favorite family will be joining us for dessert and games in the evening. Let's hope (and determine) that Jesus and His amazing feat won't get lost in the mix.....

Even though the favorite moment of my day hasn't happened yet, it's a sure bet that it will involve the music-making taking place this evening. A quartet (that's 4 of 'em) of violin students, their talented teacher, and family members will gather here for an Easter Eve recital. (We may even boogie a bit!) My recently tuned piano (myself at the "wheel") will accompany them. What joy.
All this excitement is sure to make long-lasting memories.

The chores are just our launching pad.


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