Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lost & Found

I misplaced my bible.

It's around here somewhere. (Probably in the same cache as #1 Son's wallet, which is also missing.)
We have whole shelves of bibles: The New Oxford Annotated, the New Living Translation, The Amplified, J.B. Phillips, Revised Standard, New Revised Standard, and so on. And that's just the
row before me at this moment. In how many ways can we serve it up? Answer: in as many ways as it takes.....

Our mornings start with a liberal (not politically liberal!) dose of scripture reading. I'll feel like a fish out of water without my leather burgundy slim-line NASB on my lap.

So, excuse the abrupt and skimpy post this morning.
I'm goin' bible-hunting.

update: bible found. was bedside.
oh yeah......


Blogger Paul said...

Your problem is that you need one Bible for the bed-side, one Bible for going to church, one Bible for study, one Bible...etc.--like me. :-)

11:19 PM  

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