Tuesday, April 25, 2006

News Flash: Heart Grows Legs

Lately, my thoughts have been close to our friends in Nepal. Our dear friend, Bhim Gurung, is presently in Boston awaiting a flight back to his beloved and war-torn homeland.

Most mornings, as I grind coffee beans and pour cold water into the coffee-maker, I switch the radio on to hear the top of the news. (I have become quite a NPR addict.) What a way to start the morning: more conflict and violence in Kathmandu. The cares of my day quickly dissipate as my heart focuses on people I love, so very far way.

To add more grist to my spiritual mill, Friend #16 gave a stirring and motivating message on Sunday morning. His words are resounding in my head. Reaching the unreached with the Gospel is this man's heart. I always appreciate his passion, and willingly garner a bit of it for my own. (Isn't that what sermons are all about, anyway?) And practically speaking, unless a motivating speech results in a motivated body, why have my ears tickled? Mary Wahl, missionary to Mexico, also inspired me with her sharing on Sunday. After breathlessly wrapping up a Reader's Digest version of their marvelous work, she said comically, "We come to the end of ourselves, really...After a while you just run out of arms and legs!" Now, that's service.

This leads me back to Nepal. Traveling to the far-reaches of the world to build relationships and lend support is only the beginning. Truly, my life of leisure and wealth is not an end to itself; I am compelled by the goodness of God to respond to great need.

A steaming cuppa at my side, newscast behind me, Bible on lap, heart towards heaven....
These are the makings of putting legs to my heart.

Here's an epitaph to aspire to: She served until she ran out of arms and legs.


Blogger Darlene Sinclair said...

She is quite a woman. No slacker, I can tell you that first hand. When she says she ran out of arms and legs that is no exaggeration. If she had two more of each she would find the energy to work them. She is truly amazing.

3:41 PM  

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