Thursday, April 20, 2006

One Thousand (and One) Happy Things

This place really, really exists. I know, because I was there. See? That's our rental car in the lower right hand corner. The conference center is just out of range on the left, one hill over. These are the mountains of Toledo in the La Mancha District of central Spain. Do they remember me? Well, I remember them, and always will.

I refer to yet another entry today, for I took to the water this morning. So over-excited was I, that only after arriving lake-side did I realize that I forgot my paddles. Silly. So, off I huffed in great haste. (What's a few more minutes after a long icy winter?) You can't get far on a kayak without paddles.

In the smack-dab middle of Norwood Lake, the breeze kicked up and that lovely watery fragrance, which I had also forgotten, wafted up to me: wet leaves, beach sand, soggy bark, and the sharp smell of all things green and growing. I drank it in like elixir; an antidote for the stingy gray light of winter. Although the lake is still quite frigid, I dipped my limbs in for a refreshing baptism of sorts.

Welcome, Spring.


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I love the smell of spring =)

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