Saturday, December 05, 2009

simple does the trick

Although I seem to chat incessantly when Friend #7 comes over to visit, I really haven't had much to say. Certainly not much that is blog-worthy.

As for having much to do, well that's a different story. The baking, decorating, shopping.
cutting of the perfect tree, holiday gatherings, and the special music ---let's not forget the special meals! All this can set my poor head spinning. It can make me distracted.

I am only human and God knows I forget so quickly. (As #1 Son interjects in conversation, "SQUIRREL!". If you are a fan of animated flicks, you know what this means.)

This Christmas season is our first in our old stone home. Those deep window sills! A fireplace with a real mantel! A river view from just about every window! A front porch that begs to be decorated! All this and so much more. Last Christmas, just days after we signed the final papers on our stone house, I was chomping at the bit to enjoy the holidays here.

But now that we are here, inspiration has come slowly to me. Each day finds me tucking a few sprigs of fresh pine somewhere, in a vase, over a mirror, upon the mantel. I sorted through a large selection of decor and left most of it in the green plastic bin where it has been stored. It all seemed too noisy to me this year.

Fresh greens. A few simple touches of red and white berries. Dozens of white candles. A quilted table runner. A fresh swag on the porch. Classical Christmas music on Pandora.

I read the biblical account of Jesus' birth over and over this season, relishing every familiar word. I use my imagination to fill out the details: the color of the Judean hills, the humdrum of the day before an angel appeared and changed lives forever, a scared young mother with many questions but unshaking faith, a long, unsteady ride upon a donkey, and the the birth of an ordinary baby with an extraordinary nature.

If we wish to simplify the season, do away with the glitter & glitz, bring our souls back to the bare bones of His amazing gift, it can be done. If it can be done without a single visit to the mall, I
wish to do it.

Please forgive the rambly nature of this entry. Somewhere in here, I hope I finally had something to say.


Anonymous Michele Laramay said...

You did indeed have something to say. Thank you for saying it.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great words of wisdom. I can feel myself walking around your grand house with the stonework and the views. And, I love your quote about keeping the spirit of the season simple.


2:50 PM  

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