Thursday, May 05, 2011

excuses galore

Certain things have stood in the way of a regular entry on this here blog:

1. the family laptop finally fizzled. Its demise was slow but sure, and when it finally was pronounced unfixable, I moved on the Hubby's office computer.

2. -which leaves much to be desired. I think it was built in the 1970's. It takes up an entire wall and requires a notice to the electric company to warm the thing up.

3. no, not really. But it is SLOWWWWW. And cranky. And unfeeling. It blinks & then I'm done for. Nothing gets saved, and then I'm back to square one. I have been know to mutter a Christian swear word or two. ("doggone it". "rats". "STINKO". And such like.)

4. At times, I smuggle #1 Daughter's computer -which bears an extremely amusing password. I can post pictures with this contraption! Yesss. But typing on a bright red laptop seems to throw me, for some reason. I am really full of excuses, people.

5. I have been a busy bee at Crane, my sometime place of employment. This week has brought me rehearsal fun! I am accompanying three piano concerti, nine German Diction students, one French voice recital, a number of dress rehearsals, a spate of lessons, studio performances, and who knows what else.
I enjoy getting to know the students; they are all extremely sweet kiddos.

6. I have been staying up late at night hunched over a work table with music manuscript paper strewn about me. Yes, folks. I have been professionally s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d in the realm of orchestration. The musical (Cinderella & the Glass slipper") that the home-schooled kids are presenting next week needed to be orchestrated for strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. All we had was a piano score.

Kudos to my esteemed conductor/musical director/pastor. who cheerfully did WAY more orchestration work than I. He provided the encouragement to get 'er done. (He also was forced to provide the percussion part for my numbers, as I stubbornly refused to figure them out. Thanks, Pastor Rick.)

Our first read-through on Monday night was a resounding success! What a relief.

7. We have been hosting lots of company.

8. um. I am now officially out of excuses. I am very aware that I need to get my blogger act together.

Thank you for your understanding.