Friday, April 22, 2011

good for the soul

This year, we hosted a Good Friday dinner.

We set three tables; twenty-four places in all.

We feasted on a hearty potluck dinner.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Carrots.

Strawberry-Almond-Feta Cheese Salad.

Spiral Ham with Honey Mustard Sauce. (Ham on Good Friday? So- we're not Catholic. Or even remotely Jewish, obviously.)

Little boys minding their table manners.

Boisterous fellowship.

A bit of chalk-art after dinner.

Song, Scripture, and Reflection.

All good for the soul.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


A little Easter kitsch goes a long way with me.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yesterday brought us whipping winds. All afternoon, one had to keep one's mouth firmly closed lest one's false teeth become dislodged.

Not the best example. But really, it was fierce out there.

For example: Hubby had leaned the blue kayak up against something to drain the water out. A little time passed before he noticed it was gone. Like, not even anywhere around. He knew that neither I nor #1 Daughter would dare THINK of taking it out for a spin on such a blustery afternoon.

So he spied with his little eye down the raging river, trying to spot a patch o' bright blue. Alas, but no sign of our little craft.

But really, the only option was this: that the wicked wind had blown it down the bank & into the the clutches of the rain-swollen river.

So he did what he had to do: he hopped onto the little green kayak and went downstream a-hunting for our lost boat. A few football field lengths later, he found it floundering along shore. He fished it out, dumped the water out of it, tied it to the back of Little Green, and attempted to head back upstream toward home.

No such luck. He told me later that he noticed that he was actually going backward despite his most olympic paddling. So he docked both boats at a friend's property and called #1 Daughter for a ride home.

Here are some pics of the Kayak Recovery Team (the KRT) doing their thing today. This team consisted of me and Friend #37, fresh home from China. He was game for such a task. Besides, he had recently fortified himself with a grilled sandwich, chips, and chocolate cake.

It was a much improved situation today; the sun was shining, the breezes were intermittent, and the company delightful.

At the end of the boardwalk with 20 feet to go. On the other side of the kayaks is the actual river.

Only one way to skin this cat & he volunteered first. So he wins!

(May I remind you that this water was recently frozen?)

Truly a heroic effort.

Now to push Little Green to me....and we'll be on our way home!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I spy on Sunday Afternoon

White linen.
Spring table settings.
Fresh flowers.

A pot o 'tea.
A pot o' honey.

A lesson on Beethoven.
Boys on a couch.
A grandfather clock.
Sparkling smiles.
Dear souls.
Sunlight streaming through the windows.
Song at the table.

The remains of a little boy's dessert.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

to my Saturday Friend

Dear Saturday Friend,

You are away today, gallavanting with friends close to your own age. But I still managed to have a lovely Saturday without you.

I finally spray-painted those wooden urns with hammered metal paint. Also, the wooden carved tray. They are perfecto in their new clothes. The wayI did it was this: I spread an old tarp on the lawn near the river where I could watch the seagulls dip & dive. This was crucial to the success of the project of course.

Then I sprayed them. Simple.

Remember that over-sized tea towel that I found at the flea market? (The one that Louissa almost bought but didn't? Yes, that one.)

I cut it in half ( -which I am getting so very adept at doing) and hemmed the cut edges. Then I hung it from metal clips & curtain rod hoops in the new bathroom window. It is quite the perfect thing there. I know you will approve.

Tomorrow we are hosting a hungry family. So I made an enormous pot of chicken corn chowder. It has green chilies & red pepper flakes in it, which means it needs to be eaten with monterey jack cheese & crushed tortilla chips sprinkled on top.

While this piping hot concoction was cooling on the stove, I decided to hop into my little green boat & take to the river. It was my first foray this year & much-anticipated. The wind was whipping but I reasoned thusly: the sun is shining, the ice is gone, and the geese are out there, so why not me?

Also today:

-I read my Bible & scored some important truths.
-I bought some groceries and three hyacinth bulbs just beginning to sprout.
-I met a lovely young lady from this ministry. She had a "tour" of our old stone home and an impromptu piano concert from me, the Lady of the Manor. I hope she didn't mind that I was dressed in my shabby work clothes. She spoke with passion on behalf of the children she defends. She also understood a quote from "What About Bob?", so she made quite the impression upon me.
-I will be heading out to the local high school to take in their production of "Beauty & the Beast" along with Hubby & #1 Daughter.

Other than these events, hardly anything has happened today. But it would have been a treat to share any or all of this April Saturday with you, my dear.