Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I know a little girl, six years old last week, with red hair and chubby cheeks. We are neighbors. She likes me, and that makes my day.

Monday, June 20, 2011

my kid

I love reading an article about my kid that I didn't know about!
(-oh, I knew about the kid ---just not about the article. Misplaced modifiers can be so amusing!)
Please read it, follow the link to the Uganda 23 website, and consider making a generous donation to a very worthy cause!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

a little bit o' pretty.

Here's a little bit of pretty to start your day.

The begonias were a gift from a friend.
the vinatge wooden box was an auction-find.
the cheery table runner was 25 cents at last week's rummage sale up the road.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

my busy mind

This radiant girl officially graduated from high school last weekend.

We hosted a little dinner party on the porch in her honor, replete with happy relatives. Then we trotted over to the church for the graduation-shindig. It was a memorable evening.

My favorite part was when #1 Daughter sang John Mayer's "Stop This Train", accompanied by some fantastically plucky guitar playing. Thanks, Jules.

* in the spirit of fun, I will leave my wrong link attached. I attempted to link to the lyrics of the song, but somehow got yesterday's link about cheeseburgers instead. Enjoy.

Speaking of plucky playing, #1 Son was home for the weekend - and would you just look at what he was trying his hand at.

He is so very avant-garde!

-which brings me to mention cupcakes.

Not really a smooth segue, but my mind is always one blip away from mentioning cupcakes these days, especially if they are as moist & delectable as these were.

Oh my. Kitchen-goodness of all kinds! Some of them had peanut-butter frosting.

Speaking of peanut-butter frosting, here is the latest on my garden.

I am going for brussel sprouts this season. I love how Dr. Suess they look when they are ready for harvest!

All kinds of green things are popping up, which reminds me:
I need to go practice the piano.

Forgive the non sequiturs. It's merely a tiny peek into the cogs of my busy mind.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

little girl

A little patch of sunshine has been visiting all this week.

Two and a half years old -and already a force of cheer & enthusiasm to be reckoned with.

A people-person without peer, she makes fast friends with everyone who walks in the door.
-and if you know ANYTHING about our house, then you know that's not a small number!

She had toast with Joe. We are certain that she thinks she is the same age as him.

Brown curls, sun-kissed skin, bubbly laugh, perky talk!
What a joy to have her ( and her lovely mama) here!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

tall tale

It went from being quite blustery this afternoon to....well, seriously gusty!

Spotting a cushion from an outdoor chair being tossed in the wind, I dashed outside to rescue it when I saw the lids from our garbage cans go flying. I debated whether to first run after them or the cushion.....

Good thing I chose to grab the cushion first because as I grabbed it, I heard a loud crack behind me. Right before my eyes, a large section of this tree split in half and crashed to the ground.

I was about to head over to that very corner of the yard!

Thankfully, although the tree fell directly on top of the garbage cans, I wasn't standing there.
I like this story because it ended well.

Friend #37 told me his near-death story, and it certainly trumped today's falling tree tale. Therefore, I forbid him to tell his story for two weeks. That way, I get to tell my story without being one-upped. Nobody likes to be one-upped.

"I walked on the mooooon...." -Brian Regan

different kinds of beauty

I get happy looking at this & thought I would share the happiness.

I have never had much success growing my own roses, so instead I lugged this antique tin bucket from the loft of the barn and stocked it with other kinds of growing things.

Olive helped me pick these beauties out. She doesn't have a number, but she does have a nickname: Saturday Friend.

And now you know.