Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Blessing Sleuth

The blessing sleuth strikes again. And again.
In the running for "the favorite part of my day":

1) a brisk row on the lake, during which it did not rain.
2) sprawling on a wooden dock, lakeside, with Friend #12.
3) performing a Prokofiev concerto onstage with gusto.
4) discovering 3 newly-hatched robins in our grapevine nest.
5) delivering kids to Vision '06 with the expectation that they will meet with God.
6) serving a home-cooked meal to dear people gathered 'round the table.
7) introducing Friend #12 to Friend #01.
8) realizing that I've known Friend #01 for almost as long as Friend #12 has been alive.

Of course, this wondrous day ain't over yet. It is 10:53 pm, and we are into our second game of Scrabble. Did I mention who won the first game? (me)

Since I am way behind on this round, I think I'll sign off now.
Why ruin a perfectly positive entry?


Blogger kb said...

Soo...are you really busy Friday? I just might show up at your door:)

1:50 AM  

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