Thursday, July 06, 2006

Better than the Dollar Store

Every summer, I hit the sidewalk sale during the Potsdam Street Festival. My favorite bargains inevitably are nabbed at the T-shirt Print Shop. Each funky (or misprinted) shirt: one buck. I bought eleven. Who could resist?

1. Go North ( Northern Printing)
2. Norwood Lake Regatta (2004)
3. SLU Tennis
4. SHAKE IT like a polaroid picture
5. Clifton-Fine Adventure Club
6 & 7. Beat the Storm 5K- Potsdam Running Club (long-sleeve!)
8. Boy Scouts Pack #62
9. Norwood-Norfolk Flyers
10. "19"
AND, my personal favorite:
11. WWDWD, with scientific jargon on the back.


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