Tuesday, July 11, 2006

what summer is all about

We settled into the white rockers under the apples trees, generously warmed by our morning walk. A cool breeze like an elixir wafted through the drooping branches which were laden with green fruit. From under the fringe of leaves, I admired our freshly painted house and hand-crafted shutters. Sharing the scenery with an incredibly dear friend made my moment complete.

Forgive the poetic excess, but my heart is filled to the rafters with contentment. Strange that I write of battles one day and peace the next, but life is a mix of many things.

Today, we have four children visiting. Add to that the company that joined us earlier in the week. They will play board games, jump in the hayloft, ride horses, and make summer memories. I may fiddle in the garden and do some more lazy visiting.

Golden hours. And I don't take them half-heartedly!


Blogger Deb said...

I would have thought "fiddle in the garden" would be your son's job, hehe.

I was wondering if there were more paint colors in your post, as I began reading. I love a good puzzle. ;)

Wonderful that so many youth can "make summer memories" at your home! I love my summer memories ... ahhhhh.

Say, 'Berly and Heidi will be coming up to Potsdam this weekend, and I get to see them! Isn't that exciting!

2:44 PM  

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