Friday, August 04, 2006

my kind of day

First things first: rising early enough to watch the mist lift from the meadow lends me a thousand reasons for a long walk. Two deer ventured across the road on dainty stick-legs, leaving dew-laden boughs of brush waving lazily in their wake. With all the crackle and noise of yesterday's doings behind me, I push myself into a quicker pace. Quiet resides over the next rise, among the maple trees on the crest of the hill, in the cool, and I'm going there. Unfortunately, the deer flies reside there too, and they shatter the tranquility of otherwise perfect morning jaunts.

We are loading two green canoes onto a rusty red trailer. A camper's lunch (PBJ on wheat, grapes, and soda) is stuffed into a blue cooler. A green truck follows a yellow-striped road to a blue lake, loaded with six colorful people. Green and brown frogs will spring from yellow grass as our red faces hoist the green canoes onto woodsy brown dirt. An orange sun covers us all.

August fourth in the North Country.
Hallelujah and pass the bug-spray.


Blogger Paul said...

I too awoke early--before sunrise, but no such walk was in my destiny. Rather I joined the careening commuters into the concrete forest to clean the bugs off their glass.

August fourth in the suburbs.
Hallelujah and pass the squeegee.

8:08 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Let me try! (clearing throat)

A short drive across town, followed by a short walk across hot asphalt. The 'beep' of the time clock starts my shift, and it's running ahead of me already. I join the hot dog sale out front for the first hour, interrupted briefly by management with an interview for an open position.

Shoppers with their messy habits keep me on my toes until break time, when I take a long drink of water followed by a sandwich of pork tenderloin (by far the best part of the evening).

"Code A to the front," sends me in another direction for a while. Back to my area, I find more 'chicken droppings' to pick up. Happiness is hearing, "The time is now 10 PM and ... is closed for the evening."

August fourth in retail.
Hallelujah and pass the carts.

7:35 AM  

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