Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Madrid, NY: bright lights, big city

This chilly afternoon culminated in a jam session at the Sinclairs. Most of you already know that the Hallmark channel is doing a short documentary on Julia, in preparation for her guitar competition in California next week. For details, see here. As for me, I hovered in the background along with other family members and hoped the cameras wouldn't swing my way.

We have another gig to report to this evening: #1 Son is playing for a wedding, and tonight is their music rehearsal. So, off we head to the Nazarene Church for an altogether different genre.

On Thursday, we will stop in Syracuse to pick up four more violin bows on speculation. This hunt has been going on since February. Of course, the one our young violinist likes the most is always the most expensive! Perhaps we will find the perfect combo: stunning tone and crisp attack, coupled with a reasonable price tag.

Add the cost of keeping a violinist happy to the gallons of gas it takes to cart him around, and you'll see why the musician's life is a demanding one. Well, at least the life of his mom....


Anonymous Julia said...

fun shot!

thanks for coming and supporting me tonight! ; )

10:13 PM  

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