Sunday, May 14, 2006

Worth Four in the Bush

We have been photo-docking the hatchery in our yard. Mommy Robin upbraids us when we peek in at her nursery, but I think I detect a note of pride in her chastising.
Here are the stats:
1) 4 blazing blue eggs
2) next day: 2 scrawny chicks are draped over their egglings
3) next day: third chick is born
4) Mother's Day: all 4 beaks pointed skyward

I hope this is as exciting to you as it is to me. Happy Mother's Day, all you moms out there.
(see my flickr for a few more birdie-pics....)


Blogger Deb said...

Oh! that is exciting! Amazing, isn't it? Who would have thought that a mouth could be bigger than the rest of the body ... um, except a mother, heh, heh.

8:26 PM  
Blogger Darlene Sinclair said...

I left this comment on my site first -- I forget these blog rules!
But glad you will be here next week for our musicale!

9:32 PM  
Anonymous brietta said...

Mine still haven't hatched. Any day now! Mother Bird is very faithful... and I think not too terribly frightened by her curious onlookers!

11:30 PM  

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