Wednesday, July 12, 2006

High (Literary) Hopes

Will I have a chance to read this summer?
I mean a side-porch, sprinkler-sound, salad-from-the-garden, cicada-droning, grass-smelling, veritable immersion in a good book. Or two.

When I was knee-high to a grasshopper, my bicycle regularly trundled me to the steps of the Wingate Branch of the Schenectady Public Library. Quietly clasping the raspy door behind me, I would drop my army-surplus backback into a wooden chair and enter the world of books. An electric fan droned lazily from the front desk, recycling the unmistakable scent of printer's ink and old paper around the L-shaped room. I could be incognito here, as this humble building was blocks from the established boundries of my stomping grounds. (Colonial Manor, how ostentatiously regal!) My magnificent plan to read through the A's first always crumbled when I passed the display rack of "Librarian's Choice". Always a sucker for a recommended book, I would load up with the limit (5 books) and head home with my weekly supply. Ah, for the long afternoons of childhood!

My family conquers High Peaks.
I only wish to conquer this small stack of books:

2020 Vision ~Practical Ways Individuals and Churches Can Be Involved (Bill & Amy Stearns) I bought this after it was recommended by Friend #16 . It was my constant companion en route to D.C., when I had time to read. I'm about half-way through it.

The Yankee Way to Simplify Your Life ~Old-Fashioned Wisdom for a New-Fangled World (Jay Heinrichs and the Editors of Yankee Magazine) This is a re-read; a refresher course, so to speak. It takes work to keep our lives simple.

Big Stone Gap (Adriana Trigiani) This was a thoughtful gift from a friend.

Heidi (Johanna Spyri) Complete, unabridged, and another re-read! This time around, I am reading it aloud to my family before bed. Friend #12 listens in, too.

And because Friend #7 is getting SO smart and SO much more well-read than me, I need to step it up in the area of intellect. Friend #7, are you listening? Put your recommendations in my comment box. Pronto.

--'cause I'm always a sucker for a recommended book.


Blogger Lore said...

I am not getting SO smart, I am just getting smart. And you've pretty much read everything I've read anyway. And besides, I'll buy cool books for you to read maybe. No recommendations right now though. Love you.

9:22 AM  

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