Thursday, July 13, 2006

lake fun

This evening turned out differently than planned.

I attended the Village Green Concert for 30 minutes, but the music didn't hold my attention. Since I was there alone, it was an easy call. I grabbed my book and blanket and hopped in the car. #1 Son was mowing Grandma's lawn, so I visited 5 River just down the avenue.

While relaxing with Grandma Jean,#1 Son bounded in the door, sweaty and covered with flecks of grass.
"Can we visit the lake on the way home? I need to wish Jon a happy birthday, and the Daniels are boating there."
"Sure," said I. How convenient that the boat launch was two blocks away.

While on shore, minding my own business, I was wickedly connived into climbing into the Daniel's boat, cruising around the lake, and cheering #1 Son as he water-skied (while wearing jeans). From the bow, we admired the pink and violet clouds that streaked the horizon while the cooling breeze whipped our hair into a frenzy. As the sun nestled deeper into someone else's morning, we pointed the boat toward the dock. I must admit, I never get enough of being on the lake. (I kayaked for 1 1/2 hours this afternoon....)

"How was the concert?" asked Hubby when I got home.
"Ummmm...plans changed."

I'm glad I have learned to go with the flow.
Happy Birthday, Jon.


Blogger TrashTidBits said...

I don't imagine it took too much to convince you to going in the boat. Boats are always fun and even better when you are with friends and family.

Watch for me on the lake since I'm off to buy a kayak tomorrow.

7:01 AM  

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